Life Portraits

I am drawn to capturing portraits of life.  Life portraits are similar to life, just life captured in beautiful photographs.  I offer Life Portrait sessions for Families, kids, couples and anyone who likes my photography.  Life portraits work like this: we get together and allow for opportunities to unfold which bring out your personality.  Even if this is just a simple headshot, the goal is to be yourself.  These opportunities could be reading to your kids, playing at the play ground or simply adults letting go and having a little fun in order to break down any barriers which keep you from being yourself. Anything that helps you loose that feeling of tension.

Life is about being free to be yourself, being accepted for who are.  No judgements from me, I know the feeling.  In a way, these sessions are therapy.  How long have people suffered under the photographic terror of “Oh god, I have to get my picture taken?!”  These sessions are meant for you to be yourself and forget about the camera.  By being yourself, your images will reflect that and you can feel differently about having your photo taken.

Over the years I have discovered my true gift in photography is being able to gently coax people along so they let go and be them selves.  Being able to capture that moment which exudes the essence of someone’s personality is beyond rewarding.

There is an energy which happens when people let themselves relax and just be. It’s this energy that I love and why I am a photographer.  I just love capturing life.  Life portraits are meant to be simple, beautiful, and painless.  When we’re done, you will have timeless memories to display in your home and be reminded of the reason you love the people who drive you crazy 🙂