Life is a never ending journey.  This is not the only life I’ve lived, but the amazing thing is, all we have is now.

Photography is a magical and creative tool.  It allows us to relive a fraction of the past when viewed in the future.  How beautiful it is to be able to relive the past present.  Now imagine how many beautiful 1/1000th seconds are zipping by you right now!  Mind Blowing!

Beyond the metaphysical mechanics of photography; I practice and teach vinyasa yoga, create Mandalas out of photographs, and enjoy learning about esoteric knowledge.

Fall 2017, the nationwide tour, Peace Across America begins.  I will be on the road with Yoga Teacher, Sid McNairy bringing meditation, yoga and discussion to studios, schools, businesses.  To have us come teach, or speak with you, please use the contact form.

Few bits about me:

• Before I discovered photography I took every art class in High School.

• I love nature and the occasional trip to the city.

• Studying esoteric and spiritual knowledge fascinates me.

• Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts.

• Love Hip Hop.  I freestyle to myself in the car.

• Learning about Earth’s ancient history intrigues me.

• My friends wouldn’t be surprised if I checked in to a monastery.

• Someday, I see myself living on shared land with friends, having a beautiful garden and living in a tiny house or a yurt (independent housing. No room for all those friends in a tiny house).

• I’ve been rollerblading since age 9. I’m pretty sure I can still do a misty flip at the skate park. Pretty good for a dude who skates only a few times a year.

• When it comes to cooking I like to wing it and use what I have in the house.

• My cell phone voice mail tells you to leave a funny message. I get hilarious messages from people I barely know.

• And when I get bored with reality in photographs, I create Mandalas from my photographs and write short poems. Sample below, more work at:

Mandala: Universal Hue-man